Support forensics fulfill their tasks of collecting and gathering evidence.


When approaching the scene where a crime has allegedly been committed, the PX1 is an enhancer of the senses for the detection of any hidden object. With its high penetration capacity through a maximum thickness of 8mm of steel, the PX1 scanner allows the inspection of walls, furniture, and containers, facilitating the search for objects or substances whose presence could be decisive in a police investigation.



Reduction in inspection times during crime scene investigations.

Inspection penetration capability of up to 8mm of steel.

Increase in the probability of detecting objects or substances during inspections, without the risk of opening doors, suitcases, cabinets, or baggage at the scene.

The RAM memory in the PX1 allows the saving of inspection images, which could later be used as evidence and information for conducting investigations.

Increase in the precision and objectivity when doing planimetric surveys.

The inspection for collecting evidence in the scene where a crime was allegedly committed can be carried out with much greater ease and accuracy using the PX1. In the hands of the forensics team, it minimizes the times corresponding to each search. 

The high portability of the PX1 allows for an official to the carry the equipment on their own, by using only the harness system, and inspect the scene.

The PX1’s power makes it easy to inspect virtually any piece of luggage, container, or equipment, due to its ability to penetrate steel up to 8mm thick, presenting sharp and high-resolution images that support officials in completing their mission.

Videray’s PX1 supports police forensic teams inspect a crime scene, even under extreme weather conditions, thanks to the architecture and solidity of its design. 

The PX1’s rechargeable and interchangeable battery kit allows usage for relatively long periods of time, supporting the police effort during an investigation.

In case of any doubts in the image, the group of filters offered by the PX1 allow the officers to exchange the hue of images during scanning, facilitating a better interpretation of the material or object hidden.