Quickly conduct inspections at border checkpoints.


When vehicles pass through a checkpoint, the PX1 is an ally that allow inspections in visibly reduced times, preventing this type of task from disturbing both drivers and passengers if any, making an accurate and detailed search in an average time of 5 minutes, no matter the size of the vehicle. 



Reduction of inspection times, increasing the fluidity at crossings.

Inspection penetration capability of up to 8mm of steel.

Increase in the probability of detecting irregularities in the load during inspections, without the need to open doors, suitcases, containers, or baggage.

Increase in the officers’ personal and legal safety.

Easy inspection of any type of vehicle due to the high portability of the PX1.

The PX1 in hands of border checkpoint officials minimizes the times corresponding to each inspection, for both passenger and freight vehicles passing, facilitating traffic at these sites, and boosting security. 

The PX1’s power makes it easy to inspect any cargo container, facilitating observation and detection through steel up to 8mm thick, making it unnecessary to break security seal, thanks to the clarity of the image projected by the equipment.

In case of any doubts in the image, the group of filters offered by the PX1 allow the customs inspector to exchange the hue of images during scanning, facilitating a better interpretation of the held cargo being inspected.

The high portability of the PX1 means that, if necessary, one staff member could take the equipment alone by only using the harness system, checking the vehicles and trailers even before they pass through the checkpoint, speeding up the process.

Videray’s PX1 supports customs officials in inspections conducted on board or in any port where cargo is stored.

The ability to inspect without tampering seals increases the legality of the procedure and protects border patrol officers legally from any events where their attitude towards the service could be compromised.