Boost security at high-level corporate events.


At the time of a corporate event attended by public figures and VIPs, the PX1 allows for visibly quicker inspections of the invitees, equipment, and personnel, preventing infiltrations and security breaches in these types of activities, reducing the risk to the minimum, whilst boosting trust and confidence, thanks to the advanced technology that enables rapid inspection and accurate detection.



Reduction of inspection times, increasing the fluidity in the events’ access points.

Inspection penetration capability through up to 8mm of steel, facilitating the search of doors, cabinets, elevators, and other objects in general.

Increase in the probability of detecting irregularities due to the ease with which the equipment can be operated.

Increase in the personal and legal protection of officials providing security to the event.

Easy inspection of any type of luggage or equipment due to the high portability of the PX1.

The PX1, when supporting security at a corporate event, minimizes the times corresponding to the inspection of an object by both workers and attendees, allowing for a fluid flow of people and facilitating the fulfillment of activities planned.

In case of any doubts in the image, the group of filters offered by the PX1 allow the event’s security officers to exchange the hue of images during scanning, facilitating a better interpretation of the material being inspected.

The PX1’s power makes it easy to inspect virtually any piece of luggage, container, or equipment, due to its ability to penetrate steel up to 8mm thick, presenting sharp and high-resolution images that support officials in completing their mission. 

The high portability of the PX1 allows for an official to the carry the equipment on their own, anywhere the event takes place, by using only the harness system. 

The PX1’s interchangeable battery kit allows the extension of its use and facilitates mobility.

Videray’s PX1 supports event security officers conduct their inspections without having to touch the object, promoting respect and legality in the procedure.