Support the fulfillment of border patrol missions.


The PX1 scanner facilitates all inspection procedures of vehicles, installations, objects, and compartments, without having to come into physical contact with it, carrying out said research and review in a short time.



Increase in the inspections’ precision to detect illicit items during the search.

Increased clarity in inspections of vehicles, spaces, and areas, regardless of the site or location of the object.

Access to inspection spaces where officials cannot normally reach.

Increase in the officers’ personal and legal safety.

Ability to thoroughly inspect any object without having to come into physical contact with it.

The power in Videray’s PX1 facilitates the inspection of any vehicle, container, or installation found along routes during patrol missions and operations in general.

If any ambiguities appear during an image review, the group of filters offered by the PX1 enable for officials to improve the interpretation of objects and areas inspected, facilitating the detection of drugs, weapons, and other objects of interest.

The speed with which a scan can be performed with the PX1 is fast, supporting the performance of patrols when fulfilling their missions along a route, reducing the duration of the inspections per time.

Approaching an object to inspect can be conducted without any problems, thanks to the high portability of the PX1 that lets an official carry the equipment alone by using the harness system.

The ability of inspecting without having to come into physical contact with an object during patrol legally protects an official of any events where the facts could be manipulated and statements related to misappropriation of property or improper employment of force during the inspection that caused damage to private property.

The PX1’s penetration capabilities minimize uncertainty during inspections, facilitating the observation of hidden compartments, without the need to open doors, move any elements, or establish physical contact with the object during the search.