More power

Higher energy

The first generation of true inspection technology

X-ray penetration

With more power
Comes better performance

The PX1 raises the standard on inspection technology and image processing. Our technology makes it easy to scan any surface in a matter of seconds and automatically enhances the image for better inspection results.

With 140 keV and our patented optics, seeing through more material with greater depth is now possible.

Infinity Detector
Custom 700-nit bright 7″ HD Display
Active-Passive Cooling System
Low radiation leakage
Tamper-Evident Encrypted Database
64GB Internal Storage
Ergonomic Operation
Camera, dual flashlights & dual vertical line laser for an enhanced inspection process
Battery Compartment for easy access
Charger Port

Quality & Safety

Best optics
Higher resolution
Lowest leakage radiation

Our patented optics makes it easy to thoroughly scan any surface quickly, analyze images, and dispose scanned objects without worry of high doses of radiation to oneself.

Detector & Image Processing

Bigger detector means
better results

Our Infinity detector allows the end-user to image faster with greater scan standoff distances on larger objects to quickly reveal potential security threats without compromising a high quality image definition.

The bigger our detector is,

The higher our x-ray detection efficiency

The lower user radiation exposure

Connectivity & Cloud

Stay connected
Stay updated

For complete connectivity, we have integrated the latest technologies. The PX1 has the capability to connect via cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB. It allows over-the-air updates so you always enjoy the most updated operating system and features.

Complete connectivity ensures that all scans are always backed up and viewable remotely in case a secondary image analysis is needed.

User Interface & Experience

End-User Oriented has
a new meaning at Videray

The PX1 is completely user-friendly and ready to help achieve the most challenging missions. From our beautifully crafted device, to the ergonomic design and small footprint, the PX1 guarantees a user experience second to none.

Imaging & Analyzing,
made easy

The PX1 can be comfortably used in single or dual-handed operations. The device has 4 buttons on the handles and an embedded 7-inch anti-glare touchscreen.

A diverse set of imaging filters is included to better visualize and identify anomalies and potential security threats.


The power you need,
when you need it

The PX1 gets its power and performance from a specially designed power source, that with a single charge, can last up to 6 hours.

Focus Mode

Discover our special mode developed to increase detail in every scan

Image Stitching

Combine multiple scans at a time to produce a completed high-resolution image

You have the mission,
We have the vision

As previously mentioned, we have created the most powerful and portable non-intrusive handheld inspection tool on the market. Our goal is to empower global security and law enforcement agencies by amplifying their vision beyond the naked eye and allow them to see through virtually any surface layer to detect dense organic and inorganic materials that may pose a safety and security concern.

A safer society awaits us!