Boosting event security efficiency.


When events attract public figures or VIPs, the PX1 facilitates speedier inspections of attendees’ belongings, personnel, and equipment. This prevents security breaches and minimizes risk, thanks to advanced technology that enables rapid and accurate detection.



Enhanced guest throughput due to reduced inspection times.

Seamless inspection of various personal items, such as luggage, briefcases, backpacks, etc.

Amplified guest confidence owing to visible inspection processes.

Heightened prevention of security threats.

Videray’s PX1 proves to be an invaluable asset for event security. It streamlines the typically time-consuming inspection process, significantly accelerating guest entry. In the event of any uncertainties during inspections, the PX1 offers an array of features to aid in review, including an assortment of filters to enhance scanned image interpretation. Moreover, with events potentially lasting hours or days, the PX1’s interchangeable battery kit facilitates uninterrupted inspections, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and secure event experience.