Efficiently conducting inspections at border checkpoints.


As a crucial partner at checkpoint crossings, the PX1 visibly reduces inspection times, averting inconvenience to both drivers and passengers, while providing an accurate and detailed inspection in less than fifteen minutes.



Significant reduction in inspection times, expediting traffic flow at crossings.

Enhanced officer safety by eliminating the need for direct vehicle contact.

Impressive inspection penetration capability of up to 8mm of steel.

Amplified detection of irregularities.

The PX1, in the hands of border checkpoint officials, minimizes the time spent per inspection, thus easing traffic at these critical points. Its power effortlessly extends to inspecting any cargo container, truck bed, trunk, bumper, etc., bypassing the need for dismantling due to the clarity of the image generated. Regular inspections are made comfortable due to the PX1’s harness system, allowing officials to scan items of interest independently and comfortably.