Revolutionizing vehicle inspection for highway patrol officers


The PX1 by Videray Technologies permits thorough inspection of a vehicle without necessitating disassembly, capable of scanning an entire bodywork in an average time of fifteen minutes.



Streamlined inspection procedures.

Enhanced capacity for vehicle searches daily.

Amplified detection of illicit items.

Heightened safety for officers both personally and legally.

Videray’s PX1, equipped with state-of-the-art backscatter technology, bolsters the likelihood of successful inspections during highway security operations. Its advanced penetration capabilities facilitate in-depth vehicle inspections, enhancing the ability to discover concealed compartments without any requirement for dismantling or disassembling vehicle components. The expedited scanning ability of the PX1 allows officers to optimize their work efficiency through the increase of daily inspection throughput. Thanks to its superior image quality and adaptive filters, the detection of illicit items is simplified and expedited, saving both time and effort. With its unmatched portability, officers can carry out comprehensive inspections independently, while their partner can maintain secure surveillance of the surroundings, thereby boosting overall safety and operational effectiveness.