Streamlining urban area inspections for security officials


With its advanced technology and portability, the PX1 facilitates comprehensive inspections of urban areas, enabling swift examination of vehicles, mailboxes, waste containers, and other street elements.



Unhindered access to spaces typically challenging for manual inspection.

Ability to conduct exhaustive inspections without necessitating owner presence.

Enhanced precision of inspections in diverse spaces and areas.

Heightened officer safety due to the elimination of direct physical contact.

Videray’s PX1, with its unrivaled penetration capabilities, removes the need to dismantle objects on the street, making it simpler to expose concealed compartments. Its high-speed scanning process boosts officers’ performance, enhancing the extent of street, space, and object inspections within a given timeframe. With its ability to augment the chances of successful inspections, the PX1 proves to be an indispensable tool. Furthermore, its excellent portability and harness system facilitate nearly continuous inspections without assistance, refining the results that are later processed through multiple filters for superior image clarity.