Supporting forensic teams in evidence collection and analysis.


When investigating a potential crime scene, the PX1 serves as an extension of the senses for the detection of concealed objects. With its potent penetration capability of up to 8mm of steel, the PX1 scanner allows inspection of walls, furniture, and containers, simplifying the search for crucial objects or substances instrumental to a police investigation.



Enhanced precision and objectivity in planimetric surveys.

Rapid saving of inspection images with the PX1's RAM memory for later use as evidence and investigatory insights.

Access to locations typically beyond the reach of forensic teams.

Reduction in overall investigation times.

Videray’s PX1 revolutionizes evidence collection at alleged crime scenes with heightened ease and accuracy. Its superior portability empowers a single official to carry out detailed inspections, facilitating simultaneous scans by multiple officers, thereby reducing overall search times. Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, the PX1 enables the inspection of virtually any object or location, from luggage to appliances, thanks to its interchangeable and rechargeable batteries that support extended use. Ultimately, the PX1 transforms crime scene investigations, offering detailed scans that can shed light on hidden evidence, thereby aiding in efficient and effective case resolution.